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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2022: January 18–25

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2022

The theme of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) for 2022 is "We Saw His Star in the East".

The story of the Magi visiting the Holy Family in Bethlehem is a very familiar one. The Magi have sometimes been seen as a symbol of the world’s diversity – different religions and cultures – that come to pay homage to the Christ-child. The story might therefore represent the unity of all created that God desires. The theme and preparation WPCU 2022 has been prepared by the churches of the Middle East.

“After encountering the Saviour and worshipping him together, the Magi return to their countries by a different way, having been warned in a dream. The communion we share in our prayer together must inspire us to return to ourselves, our churches and our world by new ways. But what does this mean in practice? Serving the Gospel today requires a commitment to humankind, especially the poorest, the weakest and those marginalized. It requires from the churches transparency and accountability in dealing with the world, and with each other.

This means churches need to cooperate to provide relief to the afflicted, to welcome the displaced, to relieve the burdened, and to build a just and honest society. This is a call for churches to work together so that we can all build a good future according to God’s heart, a future in which all human beings can experience life, peace, justice, and love.”

Do find somewhere in your own locality to come together with others to share and to pray together.

Sister Bernie Devine

Mildmay Chaplain



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