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Your stay at Mildmay Hospital

​Mildmay aims to provide positive opportunities to promote independence, build confidence and strengthen abilities.

We offer inpatient care for adults with physical, cognitive and psychosocial difficulties associated with living with HIV and other conditions. The consultant physician, in partnership with a consultant psychiatrist, oversees your overall management and treatment plan.

In 2020, we introduced a range of treatment and care services for London's homeless population.

We have a dedicated multidisciplinary service consisting of medical staff, rehabilitation and mental health nurses, dietetics and nutritionclinical psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, speech therapy and art therapy.

Your patient experience

This is the online version of our patient survey. It is important that we hear and record our patients’ views on the services they have received from us because the information we gather is key to helping us to make improvements where necessary.

You can give positive or negative feedback by telling us about it here:
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Above: these posters are on display around the hospital to allow people to use their phones to complete the survey.

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