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Healthcare Professionals

Mildmay is an NHS-contracted specialist voluntary sector hospital with an extensive history of supporting patients with complex physical and mental health needs and co-morbidity.

This is the gateway for GPs, consultants, nurses, medical students and other healthcare practitioners who are interested in some of our key areas of work, training facilities or courses.


To discuss or make a referral, please contact our Admissions Manager by telephone at 020 7613 6347 or by email:

Use the referral page to download forms for:
  • HIV Medical Referral

  • HIV Nursing

  • Homeless Medical Care Pathway

  • REBUILD Pathway

  • Social Care Questions for Admission

Clinical enquiries

Clinical enquiries

Our work

Our primary areas of work

HIV Pathway
Step Down Homeless Medical Care Pathway
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Mildmay Mission Hospital has been providing holistic, patient-centred care for those living with HIV infection since 1988.

We provide structured pathways of treatment, rehabilitation and care to enable clients to fulfil and maintain their maximum potential within the community.

Our integrated team develops goal-orientated plans which seek to maximise independence and promote better maintenance of physical, psychological, cognitive and emotional well being within the community. This can lead to reduction in incidences of readmission to hospital.

We offer a dedicated multi-disciplinary service of medical staff, rehabilitation and mental health nurses, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, speech therapy, dietetics, social work and interfaith chaplaincy.

The overall management and treatment plan for patients is overseen by the consultant HIV physician in partnership with a consultant psychiatrist.

We provide multidisciplinary assessment, rehabilitation and care for patients with following needs:

  • Neurocognitive impairment and neuropsychological difficulties due to HIV and other co-morbidities

  • Physical impairments due to HIV and other co-morbidities following acute hospital admission

  • Intensive adherence support for those with mental health and social exclusion issues

  • Post-detoxification recovery from serious alcohol and substance dependence

  • End-of-life care can be offered on an inpatient pathway as clinically indicated.

Annual Quality Account

A Quality Account is a report about the quality of services offered by healthcare providers within and to the NHS. The reports are published annually by each provider, including the independent sector, and are available to the public.

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