Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Like most hospital settings, we offer chaplaincy support and our voluntary chaplains, although at present are drawn from various Christian churches, will endeavour to ensure that all our clients/patients pastoral needs are met.

We agree wholeheartedly with Mildmay’s Vision and Mission statement: "that they may have life and have it in all its fullness" (John 10:10). Our main focus is to offer spiritual, pastoral, emotional and religious care to patients, clients, their families and friends, volunteers and visitors.

Our Hospital’s Foundation is Christian, thus ensuring that we welcome and respond to the needs of persons of all faiths and of none. In short, the chaplaincy presence touches all aspects of life at Mildmay, as the wellbeing of all individuals is our concern.

Our approach is distinctively inclusive, ensuring we enjoy working relationships with all at Mildmay, based on the knowledge that all persons are spiritual though not all are specifically religious. All our services are patient-centred and take into consideration their cultural, social and religious backgrounds.

Those we have cared for over the years have described how this faith has lent an extra dimension to our care, and it remains central to who we are as a charity.

We network and form helpful links with other faith-based organisations where appropriate.


Days and times of services

9.30am Zoom Prayer:
  • Wednesdays

  • Thursdays and

  • Fridays

Lunchtime Services will resume when the pandemic situation improves sufficiently.

Follow this link to join:

  • Meeting ID: 213 480 3406,

  • Password: chaplain


The chaplaincy team

If you would like to have a chat with a chaplain friend, please ask a nurse, care assistant or a member of staff to contact us, or do so yourself. We are usually present Mondays-Fridays between 8am-4pm. We may be available other times by appointment.

If you are willing, please fill in part of or all of the information required on the ‘tree cards’ which you will find on the ward or at the entrance to the hospital or chapel.


Lead Chaplain, Bernie Devine SP. (Catholic Sister)


Stan Blacklock (Anglican parishioner)


Pauline Chambers (Catholic parishioner)


Patrick Gormley (Catholic parishioner)


Father Jide Macaulay (Anglican Priest)


Vicki Rawding (Born again Christian)


Rev. Paul Rout OFM (Franciscan Catholic Priest)


Barry Rowan (Anglican)


Kenneth Van Heerden, Zeo Church / Catholic

If you would like to have a chat with a chaplain friend, please ask a nurse, care assistant, or staff member to contact us, or get in touch yourself. We are usually present Mondays-Fridays between 8am-4pm. We may be available other times by appointment.

If you are willing, please fill in part of or all of the information required on the ‘tree cards’ which you will find on the ward or at the entrance to the hospital or chapel.

During these COVID times, chaplains are not able to go on the wards, but we can telephone/email/zoom if you have given us your contact details. Or, we can meet with you individually on the ground floor of the Hospital. 

Our chaplains are here to offer a 'listening ear’ in all circumstances, including end-of-life care

What we do day-to-day

As part of Mildmay's multidisciplinary team, the chaplains are here to offer a listening ‘ear’ and emotional support in all circumstances pertaining to the patients' personal, ongoing and end-of-life care, as well as all who come to Mildmay.


We endeavour to contribute to the general life and development of Mildmay whilst maintaining good communication by treating everyone with the utmost respect. 

We meet with others in one-to-ones and in groups, when appropriate. Other responsibilities include preparing, animating and leading chapel services while maintaining the chapel as a sacred space for peace and tranquillity.


Clients who have been discharged and are returning to their communities are linked to their local churches, Mosques, Temples and other local groups to ensure they are given ongoing support.

Read Ada's story and find out how she was helped by our Chaplains

Our chaplains stories

Our chaplains have strong personal motivations for volunteering as a chaplain at Mildmay Mission Hospital and they generously share them with us here.


Chaplaincy news


Thought for the week

J Milton Hayes.jpg

My old Football

by J Milton Hayes and Cuthbert Clarke (1920)

Success or Failure

A poem by Ramesh T A

Failing in something we are succeeding in some other thing;
Succeeding in something we are failing in some other thing;
Failing in one venture one learns valuable lesson in life!
Succeeding in one adventure, one gains ability to guide the world!

Comedy has tragedy and tragedy has comedy in the beginning;
And so, life becomes as tragic comedy or comic tragedy in the world!
Life is a two part play like the day and night of everyday life!
Whatever be the beginning, the ending is significant in life and work.

Whatever be the thing, it is in our hands to ascertain the good ending!
One good turn deserves another, but bad turns need not deserve the same!
Great turning points in life should be understood to use them for the better!
That is the success stories of many a man both in history and literature.

Instead, if one goes by one’s wish only it may become a sorry story later!
Knowing one’s Self, world and Nature one should have a vision of future
And look towards achieving something great with a good ambition in life;
That’s the way one should live unmindful of success or failure in the world.

Bear the burnt or enjoy the boon, mark of a mature man shows it’s the same!
In all games, mission or ambition, success or failure is common in the world!
As there is no job sans risk man still finds no means to make life risk less;
So, in life and work, plans and projects, success and failure are common!

Birth and death, day and night and success and failure are inseparable for ever!
Success and failure are the head and tail of a coin impossible to win or lose ever!
As to the favour of wind only ship of life sails on to reach the harbour of success!
Or else, we have to manoeuvre the ship with intelligent efforts to reach the harbour!

If we are unsuccessful in one game, we will be successful in another game, think!
If we are unsuccessful in one birth, we will be successful in another birth, ponder!
So, go ahead in the voyage of life and work unmindful of success or failure always!
That’s the way success and failure can be mastered to make one’s mark in the world!


Chaplaincy contact details

The Chaplain

Mildmay Mission Hospital

19 Tabernacle Gardens


E2 7DZ

Bereavement care

Caring for those who are making their final journey in life, together with their loved ones, is an essential characteristic of a humane society, religious or otherwise.

We are here to assist during the painful, traumatic process of bereavement. The chaplaincy team will offer or arrange prayer and counselling, religious rites and practices appropriate to your particular faith group, and if requested, ongoing bereavement support. Our chaplains, if asked, will take funeral services.

Memorial Services, at a time convenient time for families and friends, are also celebrated in memory of the bereaved.


The Chapel

Our dedicated chapel welcomes all people. This is a tranquil space for periods of prayer or silence as well as for religious service and contemplation. It is open for all to use with a small allocated space for persons of other faiths.

Our chaplaincy team includes members from many different Christian denominations. We maintain strong links with the local community and can organise the services of local religious leaders from the Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu communities.


Wisdom and inspiration

"My religion is simple, My religion is kindness"


"Love your neighbour as yourself"


"Fear not. What is not real, never was and never will be. What is real, always was and cannot be destroyed"


"Love all, with sincere love and concern"


"By three things is the world sustained: justice, truth and peace"



Prayer Diary/bookmark

Prayer Diary June 2021 front.png

About twice a year, we produce the Mildmay Prayer Diary. This has information and news on projects, causes and our upcoming events that are in need of your prayer support.

We can let you have copies for your church as well, so if you would like to be sent our next prayer diary, please let us know by email.

Download the latest Prayer Diary / Bookmark here:

Volunteer for Mildmay as a chaplain

If you feel you have the calling to join our Chaplaincy Team as a volunteer, please download the application form and return it to us when completed.

You can download a Word version, to fill in on your screen and return easily by email, or a pdf version to print out and fill in by hand and either email or post back to us. All the information you need is on the form.

Download an application form

Screenshot of Volunteer Chaplain app for

Download, print, complete by hand and post it back to us (or scan it and email it).

Download, complete onscreen and return by email.