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Training and Development

Mildmay has been training healthcare professionals since the 1860s.

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At Mildmay Hospital, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. 

We provide learning and development opportunities for students and staff, both professionally and personally. We recognise that continuing professional development and life-long learning are key to delivering high-quality patient care.

Why Choose Mildmay for Your Training?
  • A Legacy of Excellence: Since the 1860s, Mildmay has been at the forefront of healthcare training. We leverage our rich history and expertise to provide a unique and enriching learning environment.

  • Holistic Development: Our programmes address both professional and personal development needs. We equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver exceptional patient care while fostering your overall well-being.

  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: At Mildmay, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside a diverse and dedicated team of healthcare professionals. This collaborative approach provides invaluable insights and strengthens your ability to work effectively within an integrated healthcare setting.

  • Real-World Experience: Our training programmes are designed to be practical and relevant to real-world clinical scenarios. You'll gain hands-on experience working with patients facing complex health challenges.

The Benefits of Training at Mildmay
  • Develop specialist knowledge and skills relevant to Mildmay's patient population.

  • Gain valuable clinical experience under the guidance of experienced professionals.

  • Enhance your communication and teamwork skills by collaborating with a multidisciplinary team.

  • Contribute to the well-being of our patients by providing high-quality, compassionate care

Clinical placements and electives

Immerse yourself in a dynamic and supportive learning environment through our clinical placements and elective programmes.

Mildmay presents a unique learning environment, and students have a wide range of opportunities to develop their general as well as specialist knowledge and skills during their placement here.


They are able to work closely with the multidisciplinary team consisting of a medical team led by a medical director, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a dietician,

physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist, nurses, healthcare support workers, a therapies assistant, a social worker, a drug and alcohol worker, multi-denominational Chaplains and volunteers.


They will encounter other students from a variety of disciplines, ranging from social work and medicine to chaplaincy and dietetics.

Education Exchange Programme (EdEx)

We provide important, reciprocal learning experiences for trainee GPs and local clinical staff through short-term placements at Kumi Hospital in Eastern Uganda.

Dr Helen Rochford And Dr Amy Cleese, the trainee GPs who completed the pilot visit in March 2023

Featured disciplines:

Mildmay is at the forefront of training and education in:

Social work.jpg
Social work

Mildmay’s social work team, headed up by Lead Social Worker, Beverly Nelson, supports vulnerable patients within our hospital. It offers patients wrap-around care that is respectful, inclusive, and considerate of all care and support needs. Mildmay’s social work team works with patients, their carers, family, and advocate to promote collaborative working, anti-oppressive and anti-discriminative practices.

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Dietetics and Nutrition

Kattya Mayre-Chilton, Mildmay's Specialist Dietitian, works to improve our patients' health and helps them to make better dietary choices. She oversees our in-house catering team, ensuring the food we provide is not only nutritious but tailored to individual patients' needs.

Kattya facilitates placements from universities such as King's College London and has been collaborating with Nova Medical School in Lisbon to enable Portuguese students to undertake placements at Mildmay.

Equality and diversity

We are committed to equality and diversity and believe that celebrating the diversity of our staff is essential to our success and enables us to meet the diverse needs of our patients, the communities we serve and our staff.

A  nurse training certificate issued by Mildmay Hospital to Marjorie Gertrude Weeks at the conclusion of her nurse training in 1951

From the archive

A  nurse training certificate issued by Mildmay Hospital to Marjorie Gertrude Weeks at the conclusion of her nurse training in 1951.

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