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St Paul and St Jude's Church visits Mildmay

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Teri and Bernie from Mildmay, James and John from St Jude's Church
From left, Teri our Registered & Compliance Manager, Rev James Hill, Mildmay Chaplain Sr Bernie and Lay Minister, John Tasker

We were very pleased to welcome Rev James Hill and Lay Pioneer Minister, John Tasker from St Paul and St Jude's Church to Mildmay Mission Hospital today.

Following our visit to St Paul and St Jude's Church at the beginning of October, Rev James and John reciprocated by coming to see Mildmay Hospital, that only exists because of the works of a former vicar of St Jude's in the mid-nineteenth century, the Reverend William Pennefather and his wife, Catherine.

We gave Rev James and John a tour of the hospital and introduced them to our chaplain, Sister Bernie Devine, who was delighted to show them our chapel and speak to them about matters spiritual.

We are delighted to be reconnecting with St Jude's and its congregation and we anticipate many fruitful opportunities for strengthening the relationship between us. We plan to share knowledge of our histories to ensure the Mildmay Mission Hospital story is fully understood and recorded in our archive, and thereby retained for future generations.

St Paul and St Jude's Church in Mildmay Grove, Islington
St Paul and St Jude's Church in Mildmay Grove, Islington

There are also mutual opportunities for volunteering and right now, we quite urgently need to recruit new volunteers to support our staff and patients. We also discussed Christmas - hurtling towards us as it is - and Teri has been invited to speak at St Jude's Christmas Carol Service.



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