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Occupational therapy news

Updated: May 28

Our Lead Occupational Therapist didn’t ever have a paper round, until now!

Providing patients with access to a daily newspaper can be an important part of rehabilitation, so every day, they bring in newspapers to the hospital for our patients.

Camilla, who has been with Mildmay for over 24 years, says, “for an inpatient, every day can seem the same. So tools that provide structure and variety can help distinguish between days and events.”

Orientation to place and time can also be promoted by reference to the newspaper and some of our current inpatients enjoy completing the crosswords and sudoku too.

What helps make it so worthwhile is not only working with people to guide their recovery so they can once again find their way in the world, but that the patients recognise the value of the work and give such lovely comments in their feedback.

Occupational therapy survey form

We’ve pixelated the comment at the bottom of the survey form to protect the patient’s identity, but they say, “with my occupational therapy I feel strong and confident. I was treated with respect and kindness. Well done and thank you so, so much.”



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