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Mildmay receive grant from Awards For All England – part of The Big Lottery

What a difference a grant makes! Mildmay are celebrating their grant from Awards For All England- part of The Big Lottery.

We are delighted to announce that Mildmay have been successful in obtaining a grant from Awards For All England. This grant has been awarded specifically and only for purchasing two pieces of equipment for our physiotherapy gym. This vital new equipment will help us to increase our rehabilitation impact for people with HIV associated brain impairment. One piece of equipment we are particularly excited about is the THERA Trainer Balo – the only machine of its kind! We will also be one of the few places where this equipment can be offered as a rehabilitation tool for our patients.

So what’s so special about theTHERA Trainer Balo?

This wonderful piece of equipment supports patients with severe mobility restrictions and wheelchair users to stand. To have the freedom of upper body movement, while being safely supported, is liberating in a way that is hard to explain. Patents are able to stand and have level eye-to-eye contact with staff and peers, some for the first time in a very long time. This can give a sense of freedom as well as build strength and confidence, benefitting patients psychologically as well as physically. There are also considerable health benefits of exercising whilst standing including improved breathing, mobility and stability, as well as building bone strength and stimulating circulation.

At Mildmay, physiotherapy plays a vital part in rehabilitating people with HIV related brain injury. This work was recently hi-lighted in the recent BBC One Documentary The Truth About HIV when the presenter, Dr Chris van Tulleken and HRH Prince Harry meet Ade, a patient at Mildmay who is learning how to walk again.

The grant will also enable Mildmay to replace their existing tread mill, a key piece of rehabilitation equipment.

“At Mildmay we are seeing patients with an increasing number of complex health conditions including chronic brain injuries caused by HIV. We work with patients to reverse physical disabilities, enabling them to relearn the skills needed to complete daily tasks that are often taken for granted, such as getting washed and dressed, going to the toilet unaided and walking up and down stairs independently. We are delighted to be one of the few facilities that are able to offer the Thera-trainer to our patients and we look forward to the many benefits it will bring.”

Dr Ross White

Dr Ross White

Dr Ross White, Chief Executive Mildmay 



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