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Congratulations to Shalma, June/July's Mildmay MVP!

Shalma receives her prize from our CEO, Geoff Coleman

And the winner of the MVP Award is….. Shalma! A CEO-shaped handshake & Amazon voucher are on their way!

Here’s why we voted for her:

  • “For always being kind and helpful and sorting out all the IT issues”

  • “Shalma never fails to try her best to help you out with any technical difficulties related to IT, and her kindness and patience are some of her attributes.”

  • “She's like a genie, you call her, and then she's there to sort out problems large or small. I love working with her ; )”

  • "Shalma has given the best induction I've ever had to an IT system and has also been super approachable and helpful throughout my time here"

  • "Our IT Guru. Knows how to solve any technical difficulties and always makes it look easy!"

Big shout out to Lesley in Finance, who was a close second!

Shalma is a senior member of our data team and is featured in our latest Impact Report on page 6 in an article about Mildmay's successful transition from paper-based record keeping to an electronic patient record system.

Shalma made it to second place in January, so well done for finally getting the majority of the votes!

This vote is a bit late, especially with the summer holidays. Nominations have just started for the August/September award...


Mildmay's bi-monthly MVP Awards were devised by one of our physiotherapists, Josh Pedro, who recognised that in addition to the annual staff awards by our Trustees, our resilient, dedicated and hard-working staff deserved a fun way to support each other and recognise excellence in their colleagues.


This award aims to recognise the amazing things that Mildmay staff do daily, which may otherwise fly under the radar. By bringing this to the forefront, we can impart regular goodwill and warm, fuzzy feelings into the workplace and give our staff the appreciation they deserve!


The Mildmay MVP Award is a bi-monthly, ‘people’s vote' type staff awards system. Candidates are nominated by and voted for by staff. No hierarchy!

Every couple of months, we ask for nominations for who our staff think has been the Mildmay MVP. You can nominate any member of staff (clinical, non-clinical, senior management, catering, finance, facilities etc.) & this can be for anything big (saving someone’s life) or small (being really smiley every day).

Once the nominations are in, we can all vote for the winner in an online poll. Everyone sees the nominations, so even if they don’t ‘win’, hopefully, feels nice to be recognised publicly.


The ubiquitous Amazon vouchers.


On social media and chat forums, MVP means "Most Valuable Player." In this context, the MVP is the player in a sports team whose individual performance is considered the most significant. MVPs can be chosen for their performance throughout a season or in a particular competition or game.


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