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Impact Report 2019

We are pleased to publish our impact report for 2019. with an introduction by our new president Lord Norman Fowler.

Norman Fowler, who was Secretary of State for Health and Social Services from 1981 to 1987, is a passionate advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS, and took a bold approach to confront the epidemic in the 1980s. Lord Fowler was the architect of the ‘AIDS: Don’t Die of Ignorance’ public health campaign started by the British government in 1987 in response to the rise of HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom.

Fowler claimed that “90% of the public recognised the advert and a vast number changed their behaviour because of it” and as it was a “life and death situation…There was no time to think about whether it might offend one or two people” as hospital wards were “full of young men dying”. The campaign had a lasting effect on the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the UK.

We are grateful to have Lord Fowler as our president.



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