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Entering into the Lenten spirit at Mildmay Mission Hospital 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 2 March is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the forty days of Lent.

Here at Mildmay, we are holding a Day of Prayer for clients and staff, dedicated to the people of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to them and we are left feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of such aggression being poured down on their country, causing such carnage and devastating loss. Indeed, we pray for all those caught up in this sheer act of violence. At this time of fear and conflict may they know God’s presence and compassionate love in the midst of their untold suffering.

Our Day of Prayer is simply our way of recognising the need to ‘do’ something even in the face of this seemingly hopeless situation.

We are meeting three times today to reflect on what we are hearing and seeing across our screens, to spend time reflecting and praying.

If you wish to join us in spirit the times are:

  • 9 30am

  • 12 pm

  • 3.00pm

Bernie Devine SP.

Mildmay Chaplain



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