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Easter Sunday 17th April 2022

The garden tomb jerusalem, conrad schick street, jerusalem

During these last four days, we have been immersed in our Passover journey with Christ. It has been a journey in our thoughts and prayers, in our feelings and emotions.

On Thursday we journeyed through the drama of betrayal, through intimacy and communion in the Supper in the Upper Room, through the experiences of waiting and anxiety in the Garden.

On Friday our journey led us to Calvary and we were confronted with the bitter, bitter realities of pain, suffering and of dying.

Saturday dawned and our journey led us through the desert spaces of loss, abandonment, desolation and emptiness.

And today we arrive at Easter Sunday!

Easter Day, the day God surprises us and we are gifted with wonder, with joy and exultation, and above all, with hope.

Bernie Devine

Mildmay Chaplain


Above: The Garden Tomb Jerusalem, Conrad Schick Street, Jerusalem

Photo by Jonny Gios


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