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A Multi-faith Prayer for Peace in Very Troubled Times

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Mildmay's Chaplian, Sister Bernie Devine, leads the Service in Mildmay's chapel
Mildmay's Chaplian, Sister Bernie Devine, leads the Service in Mildmay's chapel

In times of conflict and despair, the idea of the power of Unity becomes a beacon of hope. Today, at Mildmay Mission Hospital, we gathered for a multifaith prayer service for peace, sending our heartfelt prayers and solemn reflections to the troubled lands of Israel and Gaza. The sombre atmosphere was a stark reminder of the heartbreaking news that has reached us, urging us to unite and stand for peace.

Unity is what the dreadful conflict in Israel and Gaza needs. The suffering and loss of innocent lives have left us deeply shaken, and we felt compelled to respond with a collective plea for peace. As the media continues to draw our attention to the ongoing turmoil, it becomes our moral duty not to delay our efforts for reconciliation.

Many came together today in Mildmay's chapel

Despite the short notice, the nine chaplains at Mildmay Mission Hospital came together, inviting a Rabbi, a Muslim faith leader, and leaders from other faiths and religions to join us in our quest for peace*.

Our multifaith prayer service, attended by patients and staff, was marked by silence and reflection as we sought solace in the shared hope that peace can transcend religious boundaries.

“Wouldn't it be amazing if more places held multifaith events?” said Teri, one of our clinical managers.

We were joined by paitients, staff and volunteers in our prayers for peace and unity

Today, we discovered the potential for healing that lies in unity. In a world torn apart by

divisions, it's essential that we continue to bridge gaps, reach out, and extend a hand in friendship to those who may differ from us in faith but share the same desire for peace.

We may be unable to end conflicts in distant lands, but our prayers and actions might possibly send ripples of hope and compassion. Let us continue to stand together, for it is through unity that we can sow the seeds of lasting peace in the world.

*Mildmay's Chaplain, Sister Bernie Devine, says:

In view of the terrible atrocities happening in the Middle East, we held a multifaith Service at Mildmay on Thursday, 26 October. However, we didn’t realise it was school half term, so some of our invitees could not make it!

However, with staff, patients, volunteers and a few visitors, we certainly were a multi-faith congregation. As this humanitarian crisis deepens and the civilian death toll rises, we crave a just and lasting peace. We came together to remember, to reflect and, of course, to pray.

Surely, this climate of hate, fear and violence needs ‘peace brokers’ to stop what is happening there.

Finally, to quote Oliver McTernan, the Director and co-founder of Forward Thinking - a UK-based organisation that works to resolve conflict, “Those concerned need friends who understand the compromises necessary for peace”.

Almighty and powerful God, creator of the world and the nations, we bring before you all those caught up in conflict in the Middle East. May the turbulence there cease and let lasting, just peace abide. Amen

We are pleased to share the slides of our service with you:



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