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We are so grateful for the generosity of people donating PPE

Updated: Feb 9

Headshots of Mildmay staff wearing masks and visors

As you may have seen on the news, hospitals are getting through huge quantities of PPE (personal protective equipment) every day.

Mildmay is no different. In fact, the cost of PPE is rising exponentially. Not only because we are using so much more of it, but also because suppliers have increased their prices.

In February 2020, we spent £800 on PPE. The bill for April was over £11,000!

As we play our part in protecting the NHS by taking in acute HIV patients and step -down homeless patients, our hospital is at capacity, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, meaning this is an additional expense we will have to cover every month.

These costs would be even higher if it wasn’t for the amazing generosity of the public.

People are raising money to buy PPE and donate it to us. Others are working incredibly hard during the lockdown to actually make PPE – scrubs, visors etc, at home.

We are thanking everyone individually when we can, but wanted to also publicly thank all those for the time, money and effort ensuring that Mildmay stays supplied with this essential equipment.

A list of what we have been given so far




Medical Supply Drive



Surgical gloves


Non-sterile gloves


Chenghao Charity/ F&F Charitable org

Surgical masks


Xiaoman Su and RF Charitable Works Association

Nitrile gloves


Surgical masks


KN95 masks


Handmade gloves


Sandra, Helen and Kim (Chipping Norton area volunteers)

Stylish scrubs trousers


Scrubs tops


East London Scrub Hub


Several sets

Clara Manly Spain

Skincare products

3 boxes

John Wood & Amy Powell

Set up a PPE donation system


Infrared thermometer and oxygen saturation probe

1 of each

This is as of last Friday (but we have already received another shipment of 200 masks this morning!) Thank you so much to our local Chinese community!

The cost of PPE is a serious expense for Mildmay and not one we were – unsurprisingly – prepared for!

Despite the generosity of many people who have been donating PPE, whether manufactured and purchased or homemade, we still need to buy significantly more.

Images of our clinical team, amazing homeworkers and some of our donated PPE.



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