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The Second Week of Lent, 2021

We celebrated the first Sunday in Lent on February 21 and now we have moved into the second of the six weeks before Easter.

The softness in the air, the touch of spring and the gentle sunshine warm our hearts after standing in a vast landscape of pandemic ashes.

As we present ourselves before God during this time, vast areas of our world lie shrouded in COVID-19 ashes.

Thousands of people’s lives have been laid bare. And indeed for many of us much of life has been reduced, leaving us standing in a landscape of ashes.

Who knows when it will be declared safe for many of us to return to the places from which we have had to leave in our global world?

However, ‘hope springs eternal’ as we walk in prayer to a land of newness, supported and strengthened by each other.

Photo by Marvin Meyer



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