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The potential lifeline for Mildmay during the COVID-19 crisis has stalled

Updated: Feb 7

A disappointing development, as it seems that we are back at Square One because the funding for the transfer of HIV patients to Mildmay – yet again – is not being authorised.

We know that there are HIV patients in infectious disease wards in NHS hospitals, effectively blocking those beds.

We are ready to admit these patients immediately, freeing up beds for COVID-19 patients.

Once again, the NHS Commissioners – who hold the purse strings – appear to be, inexplicably, blocking the transfer of these patients. We are getting calls from desperate clinicians across London who need to refer patients to us immediately but are being prevented from doing so.

In this time of unprecedented national emergency, we urgently appeal to the Government and to the NHS England Executive to ensure that everything possible is done to minimise any potential loss of life this situation may cause.

On a practical level, like many other hospitals, we are awaiting a delivery of Personal Protective Equipment, but are far back in a long queue. We cannot admit more COVID-19 patients until it arrives. However, we are hopeful that the first deliveries could arrive at any time.



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