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The Fourth Week of Advent: Embracing Love

The fourth candle of advent is lit

As we approach the culmination of the season, the fourth week of Advent heralds the lighting of the last purple candle—a symbolic gesture that encapsulates the culmination of prayers and contemplation in anticipation of the imminent birth of the Saviour.

Termed the "Angel's Candle," it stands as an emblem of love. During this final week of Advent, we rejoice in God's endless love for us, which is apparent in his Son's birth. We reflect on the good news of God's love brought to us by the angel Gabriel.

Christmas Appeal graphic

Please support our Christmas Appeal.

Every year, Mildmay has many patients who are unable to go home for Christmas. Will you help us to provide them with modest but meaningful gifts?


Header image: Kalisa Veer



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