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Students from Idaho University visit Mildmay

Students (and their tutor) from Idaho University in the Mildmay Garden
Students (and their tutor) from Idaho University in the Mildmay Garden

We had a lovely afternoon with students visiting Mildmay from Idaho University (Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Dietetics MSc, and BA).

They all enjoyed themselves with lots of questions about our work. Below are some of the areas of our work that they wanted to learn more about and we are compiling our slides to share with them (but they were making copious notes!!!).

These are some of our specialist areas they were keen to learn about:

  • New homeless initiatives; the Rebuild Pathway (community-based work)

  • Overview of the hospital and rehabilitation care. They would like to learn about commitment and understanding in multicultural care and dedication to serving those with greater resource needs - hearing about innovations is really exciting.

  • Learn about the international work we do

  • COVID-19 services for the street-homeless population; promoting sexual health; cervical cancer screening for people who are homeless.

  • Health equity, social prescribing, social determinants of health (public health intersection with health care/services)


As well as elective placements, Mildmay is always delighted to host visitors from both the academic and professional fields. Knowledge-sharing is an important principle and Mildmay's multidisciplinary team has unique skills, knowledge, and experience gained over 30 years.



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