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Reconnecting and Giving Back: West Green Baptist Church's Heartwarming Visit to Mildmay

Pastor Stephen Agilinko, Blanche, Sylvan (and Lionel )from West Green Baptist Church, Tottenham

We welcomed some special visitors from West Green Baptist Church in Tottenham today: Pastor Stephen Agilinko, Blanche, Sylvan, and Lionel*. Their visit was a heartwarming reunion after a break of several years due to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

What made this reunion even more touching was the purpose of their visit – to extend a hand of support through the gift of generous donations from their congregation as part of their Harvest Thanksgiving. The offerings included an array of fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and other essential food items.

Our catering team were delighted to have all these fresh ingredients at their disposal

Our catering team were delighted to have all these fresh ingredients at their disposal, enabling them to create delicious, nutritious meals for our patients. The kindness and thoughtfulness of West Green Baptist Church exemplify the spirit of community and solidarity, reminding us that in times of adversity, we are not alone.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to West Green Baptist Church for their unwavering support and for choosing to reconnect with us in such a meaningful way. 🙏❤️

This visit reaffirms the belief that the bonds we share with our community are unbreakable, and together, we can create positive change. It's a heartwarming reminder that the spirit of giving back can bridge any gap.

*Three of whom posed for a photo!


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