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Meet our Social Work Students on Placement at Mildmay

Header image: 2023 social work students, Jamie and Ramona

At Mildmay Mission Hospital, we are committed to fostering the next generation of social work practitioners. For over a decade, we have provided a nurturing environment for students seeking hands-on experience in a specialised setting within a multidisciplinary team. We aim to empower students by offering real-world exposure that complements their educational journey.

Ramona M, a social work student on placement at Mildmay in 2023
Ramona M

"I am a final-year Social Work student at the University of East London. I have commenced my 100-day placement at Mildmay Mission Hospital, and I can say, without a doubt, that I love it thus far!

I have learned so much in the last few days about HIV and how it affects the body. Being a part of a multi-disciplinary team has also shown me the important role each member plays in ensuring service users are well looked after during their stay here and after discharge. I look forward to learning more in the coming months."

Jami J, a social work student on placement at Mildmay in 2023
Jamie J

"My name is Jamie, and I am studying for an MA in Social Work at London South Bank University.

I chose to study social work after working in mental health support during and after the pandemic. I was able to see the positive impact that a good social worker could have on someone’s quality of life, and I was inspired to work as a social worker supporting adults. I look forward to completing my final placement at Mildmay Hospital because there are opportunities to improve my skills in assessment, relationship-building and anti-discriminatory practice. I have the chance to work closely with a skilled multi-disciplinary team, and I am looking forward to benefiting from their experience and input and, in return, feeding my ideas back into the organisation."


Mildmay welcomes students at all levels. Recognising that each individual has unique learning needs, we tailor placements to ensure they align with their individual pace of learning. Creating an environment conducive to growth, with ample support available at every step.

Our commitment goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We provide an immersive experience, allowing students to engage directly with service users. This hands-on approach enriches the student’s understanding of social work, enabling them to witness first-hand the impact of their efforts on individuals within our community. Through this interaction, they not only learn about their challenges but also witness their resilience and strength.

One of the unique aspects of student placements at Mildmay Mission Hospital is the opportunity to collaborate and learn from a diverse, multidisciplinary team. Beyond social work, students can engage with and glean insights from various clinical professionals. Interacting with professionals from different backgrounds enriches understanding of holistic care and broadens perspective on addressing complex social issues.



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