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Learning and Growing: A Social Work Student's Experience at Mildmay

Social work student Jamie smiling at the camera

We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of social work practitioners at Mildmay Hospital.

That is why we offer placements like the one that Jamie, a Social Work MA student at London South Bank University, has just completed. He was kind enough to give us feedback about his 100-day placement.


“My placement at Mildmay was a great experience. Working with a diverse range of patients with different backgrounds and needs, I was able to learn a lot of new things, which has set me up very well in applying for jobs across different areas of social work." Offering a wide variety of learning experiences is something we strive for at Mildmay, as it equips students with a well-rounded skillset developed through real-world practice.


Supportive learning environment

“The team had a lot of time to answer my questions and support me, and I was always able to get advice and support from my practice educator Beverley." Open communication is key for us, ensuring students feel comfortable seeking guidance.


Opportunity for self-reflection

“I was given many opportunities to discuss my learning needs and any problems I was having." This student-centred approach allows us to tailor the placement to individual needs.


Beyond the supportive team, the constructive and encouraging atmosphere at Mildmay resonated with Jamie, “The hospital had a positive energy which I found very welcoming."


Interdisciplinary collaboration

“It was great to work alongside different professionals in the multidisciplinary team, and I was able to build my confidence to voice my opinion in collaborative work." We believe in fostering cross-team working, reflecting the real-world environment social workers need to navigate.


Peer support is a valuable resource, and we encourage interaction between students: “I also really benefitted from working alongside another social work student, as we could learn from each other and support each other."


Of course, social work is not always easy. Jamie acknowledges the challenges: “At times, it was very hard work, as some of the cases were very challenging, especially when working together with outside services, and working with those with reduced capacity to make decisions." We understand the complexities of social work and strive to prepare students for these realities.


"I also found the workload quite full-on at times," Jamie admits, " however I would say this has been a good preparation for a career in social work, as I can now apply the skills of prioritisation and time management, as well as self-care and boundaries.” These are valuable lessons that translate well into professional practice.


Jamie's positive experiences reflect the benefits of student placements at Mildmay

“I learned a lot from this placement and gained valuable experience which I can take on to my future career”. We’re proud to have played a role in Jamie's journey and wish him all the best!


Investing in student placements is an investment in the future of society. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment where students can gain valuable experience and develop the skills they need to become compassionate and effective practitioners.




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