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Great news! Our contracts have been extended to March 2023

We were recently informed by the London NHS Commissioners (the five ICS’s and the Healthy London Partnership) that our contract to provide medical step-down care for homeless patients across the capital has been extended until March 2023.

All of us at Mildmay Hospital and charity would like to thank our fantastic, amazing, wonderful and persistent supporters who have gone on a journey with us over the past two years.

The journey has been challenging but with a huge amount of help from our partners such as Pathway, the Royal London Hospital, the East London Foundation Trust and many others, we have together made it a success. A big thank you from all of our staff to those commissioners who have placed their confidence in Mildmay. A special thanks to our wonderful MP, Rushanara Ali, for her unceasing work to help protect Mildmay from closure and to ensure our future, and to the Health Ministers who listened.

As we go into yet another wave of the pandemic and continue to treat patients both with and without COVID-19, there is a familiarity to the situation. Everyone now knows that we have been down this road before and we can succeed once again.

So thank you for your support and confidence in all that we do.

Geoff Coleman

Chief Executive Officer

Mildmay Mission Hospital



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