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Easter Sunday 2023

Pilgrims at the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel
Pilgrims at the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel

Today we have arrived at Easter Sunday. Thank you for journeying with us during Lent and especially during Holy Week.

Everyone at Mildmay wishes our friends, our donors and supporters, and our pop-in-now-and-again followers a very happy Easter!

Draw Us Forth

Draw us forth, God of all creation. Draw us forward and away from limited certainty

into the immense world of your love.

Give us the capacity to even for a moment taste the richness of the feast you give us. Give us the peace to live with uncertainty, with questions, with doubts.

Help us to experience the resurrection anew with open wonder and an increasing ability to see you in the people of Easter.

- Author Unknown


Banner image: Pilgrims at the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel, by Alex-David Baldi

Discovered in the 19th century, the Garden Tomb, north of Jerusalem’s Old City, was initially proposed as the real site of Jesus’ burial instead of the traditional spot inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Supporters pointed out that the shape of a rock nearby resembled a skull, i.e. the Golgotha mentioned in the Gospels. Recent research, however, has disproven any theory that this could be Jesus’ real tomb. Its worth lies rather in its evocative atmosphere and physical similarity to Jesus’ original burial place, which in turn draws thousands of pilgrims every year. As shown in this photo, pilgrims like entering the empty tomb to recreate the experience felt by the first women and apostles who discovered the body of Jesus had vanished from the tomb.



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