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During the Covid-19 epidemic, Mildmay stands ready to help ease the burden on NHS hospitals

Updated: Feb 7

PETITION UPDATE: 17 March 2020: COVID-19

Every hospital bed in the UK needs to be utilised during this unprecedented national crisis. It doesn’t make sense to lose 26 specialist hospital beds and all our expertise in infectious diseases at a time when there is such unrelenting pressure on the NHS.

Mildmay Hospital stands ready to do what it can to ease the burden on overstressed NHS hospitals. We have an entirely empty ward with individual patient suites.

We are increasingly concerned about HIV patients whose referrals to Mildmay for specialist treatment, care and rehabilitation have dried up.

If NHS acute units and infectious disease wards are being set aside for Covid-19 casualties, then HIV patients are facing an elevated risk, as they are shuttled about within the NHS.

We call on the Government and NHS England to step in and ensure the survival of Mildmay by funding it centrally as a specialist service, and to utilise our spare capacity during this time of national emergency.


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