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Dietetic students at Mildmay

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Mildmay's Dietitian, Kattya, and visiting student Abbie outside the front entrance
Mildmay's Dietitian, Kattya, and visiting student Abbie

Author: Kattya Mayre-Chilton

Specialist Dietitian DT 25287

Over the last year, the Mildmay team welcomed five dietetic students.

Abbie Lawrence, Christopher Hayes and Daniela Florea from London Metropolitan University as well as Lucy McConvey and Sima Rabih from King’s College London.

Students are entitled to choose from a number of public health projects for a period of 3 weeks. Mildmay Mission Hospital in London has welcomed students to develop resources to support the homeless pathway on discharge.

With the lifting of COVID restrictions, their onsite experience included a better understanding of hospital food cooked on site. They gain further knowledge of the variations of homeless categories and reviewed patient satisfaction surveys focusing on food on-site and the availability of food in the community.

Over the year, students have experienced all of the seasons with us, and we are very proud of all they have produced valuable resources to support the homeless patients on discharge.

Image links to Discharged patient Guide - free food in London June 2022

To celebrate Dietitians Week 2022 (20-24 June 2022), our last student Abbie completed her project developing a resource on soup kitchens. You are welcome to see the resources and share them with people who may find them useful.

A portrait of Abbie Lawrence
Abbie Lawrence

Abbie Lawrence: Discharged patient Guide - free food in London NHS June 2022

“I’ve just completed my public health practice-based learning placement at Mildmay Mission Hospital. The hospital is unique in its work, and it has been both an enjoyable and educational experience there. I really enjoyed my project, producing a leaflet for homeless patients and working with all the members of staff.”

A portrait of Lucy McConvey
Lucy McConvey

Lucy McConvey: Discharged patient guide to NEWHAM

"I loved my public health placement at Mildmay, the whole team were extremely welcoming. As part of my project, I performed a nutritional analysis of part of the menu served to patients, as well as creating and conducting a catering survey to determine where patients got their food in the community.

Another part of my project was to produce a leaflet for patients on the Homeless Pathway being discharged to Newham; it included information about food kitchens, community gardens, food banks and exercise areas. At the end of my placement, I was able to present my project findings to the team.

The support and guidance I received from Kattya has and will continue to help me throughout my dietetic career.”

Christopher Hayes: Discharged patient guide to SOUTHWARK

Daniela Florea: Discharged patient guide to TOWER HAMLETS

Sima Rabih: Eat well and healthily leaflet for patients eating off-site

Kattya Mayre-Chilton

Specialist Dietitian DT 25287



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