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A recently unearthed postcard for the Mildmay archive

An old postcard of the Women's Ward in the old Mildmay Mission Hospital.
Women's Ward, old Mildmay Mission Hospital

While sorting through her grandparent's papers, Kath came across a postcard depicting the Women's Ward of the old Mildmay Hospital. Kath couldn't say why it was amongst her grandparent's things. "I will let you know if I ever find the connection. Family members certainly lived in the East End - Bromley-by-Bow, Stepney etc., but rather earlier than the card, I think".

Although we have a similar image in our archive (of the Men's Ward), this particular image was lost to us.

So we are delighted that Kath chose to get in touch and kindly send the postcard to us. We have added it to our archive for posterity.



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