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A testimonial by Layana, Dietetics Student

Portrait of  Layana, a fourth-year Dietetics Student

My name is Layana, and I'm a fourth-year Dietetics Student. I worked with a fellow student on our Public Health Placement at Mildmay. We were asked to create a resource that would benefit patients regarding healthy nutritional advice and guidance.

We explored the way Mildmay works and got the chance to work with all the lovely teams there! We learned a lot about practising a patient-care approach and observed the Multidisciplinary Team work together to reach the best outcomes for their patients.

It was very interesting working with patients on all pathways (HIV, Detox and Homeless) as it was eye-opening to listen to their stories. I observed the challenges that may occur daily and how these barriers are overcome. The impact the staff had on all the patients, and the amazing input of the dietitian there, have inspired me to work hard to give back to the world as a dietitian.

Thank you, Mildmay, for supporting me through this placement. Your warm welcome and friendly smiles have made me feel a sense of belonging within your team. Thank you for all the knowledge and support you gave me; it has been such a pleasure working with you all!



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