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A Heartwarming Evening at Mildmay’s Christmas Carol Service

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

The Very Rev John Stephenson led the 2023 Mildmay Carol Service

Last night marked a lovely, warm gathering at Mildmay’s Christmas Carol Service.

Held at our neighbouring Shoreditch Tab Church, the Christmas Carol Service brought together a beautiful tapestry of individuals - patients and former patients, trustees, staff present and past, volunteers and many friends - to celebrate the essence of community and the festive season.

The atmosphere was one of unity and shared spirituality, as, amidst the melodies, thought-provoking Readings from the Bible shed light on the challenges of our times. The sermon by Our Chairman, the Very Rev John Richardson, resonated deeply, reminding us of the strength found in togetherness during these troubled times. As John said, "Initially it was a risk moving away from the traditional readings and there were some concerns beforehand among those who were asked to read, as if I knew not what I was doing, but as ever with the Chairman, he is always a step ahead with a plan!"

Overall, the service was a manifestation of unity, hope, and the unwavering spirit of the season. It embodied the very ethos of Mildmay Mission Hospital - a place where compassion and community intertwine.

Dr Chiang-Tseng Jhih

The retiring collection was for the work of the Tab Church - who kindly lent their space to Mildmay for the evening - to support a group of Iranian asylum seekers the Church is sponsoring, who have recently been evicted from their hotel refuge.

Thank you to Philip, who stepped in as our pianist at the last minute, to those staff and friends who came together as the Mildmay choir, singing carols for and with the congregation, Baaba, the daughter of our Admissions Manager, Patricia, who sang a lovely acapella version of O Holy Night, and special mention to Dr Chiang-Tseng Jhih, who was intending to play us out of the auditorium but whose playing was so mesmerising that everyone stayed to the very end!

Thank you to all who joined us - your presence made this evening truly special. Thank you for being a part of it! And to all who see this, may Joy be your gift at Christmas, and may Faith, Hope and Love be your treasures in the New Year.


Christmas Appeal poster

Please support our Christmas Appeal

Every year, Mildmay has many patients who are unable to go home for Christmas. Will you help us to provide them with modest but meaningful gifts?



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