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A Heart-warming Celebration of Diversity, Joy and Togetherness at Mildmay

The choir of karaoke singers assembles...

In the midst of our hospital's busy schedule, our annual Staff Christmas Lunch captured the true essence of unity and joy. Amidst our diverse team, with members representing all corners of the globe, we came together for a Potluck, where everyone brought a unique dish to share, showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures within our team.

The array of dishes served was a delightful departure from the traditional turkey-centric fare and was a celebration of culture and diversity. From tantalising African delicacies to the aromatic delights of the Middle East and beyond, our taste buds were treated to a culinary journey.

However, the festivities didn’t conclude there. An hour or so of Karaoke followed. Doctors, nurses, volunteers, and even patients wholeheartedly embraced the moment, lending their voices to beloved classics such as "All I Want for Christmas Is You," "Last Christmas," Ron Kenoly’s "Sing Out," Michael Jackson’s iconic "Billie Jean," "YMCA," Neil Diamond's timeless "Sweet Caroline" and so on and so forth. There was much laughter and joy, embodying the very spirit of unity and togetherness.

This occasion was typical of Mildmay Hospital's unique essence - a place beyond conventional healthcare, where professionalism converges with a sense of belonging and kinship. Our hospital isn’t merely a workplace; it's a close-knit community where these moments demonstrate our extraordinary connections. We have to give special thanks to Shalma, our Senior Data Administrator, for making it all happen, and for providing the equipment and demonstrating her ace DJ-ing skills.

Events like these reaffirm why our workplace feels like family. They exemplify the beauty of diversity, the joy of shared moments, and the strength found in unity. As the festive season continues, let us carry forward this spirit of camaraderie and appreciation for the unique group of individuals that make Mildmay a truly remarkable and heart-warming place.



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