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World Homeless Day 2022

World Homeless day banner. A photo of a homeless man sitting on the pavement.

No one should have to sleep rough.

The last time a global survey of homelessness was attempted by the United Nations (in 2005), statistics showed that homelessness is on the rise. In fact, it was estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide are homeless, and at least 1.5 billion people lacked housing that was adequate.

It is with this in mind that World Homeless Day is observed every year on October 10. The purpose of this day is to bring to focus the issues of homelessness and inadequate housing.

Record levels of homelessness in London are putting NHS hospitals under increased pressure. To address this, Mildmay introduced the Step-Down Homeless Medical Care Pathway to help ease the burden on NHS hospitals. Mildmay provides inpatient care for homeless patients who have been 'stepped-down' from acute care. We deliver medical care and treatment to a vulnerable group that is in dire need.



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