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Trinity Sunday 2021

Trinity Sunday is a Christian feast dedicated to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the essence and love of God expressing itself in three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

On this feast day, we are reminded that we too share in this Trinity of loving relationships. In Western Christianity, Trinity Sunday always falls on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

It is to be hoped that we at Mildmay express that same love and compassion to those placed in our care, by offering them the very best of who we are.

May I very facetiously refer you to the film, Nuns on the Run? In this hilarious film, Robbie Coltraine tries to explain to his class the meaning of the Trinity.

He fails miserably but he is very funny!


Header image: The Adoration of the Trinity by Albrecht Dürer (1511): from top to bottom: Holy Spirit (dove), God the Father and the crucified Christ


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