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Third Sunday in Advent

John the Baptist, who was a vegetarian but not a vegan as he wore an animal skin(!), was an eccentric, but a passionate one.

I met many passionate eccentrics when I went to COP26. They were modern-day prophets reminding us to be mindful of the ecosystem of the ocean, reminding us to acknowledge the beauty of this world.

A priest friend of mine, whose house was invaded by eco-warriors in recycled boiler suits, vegan and vegetarian, making short work of his stock of red wine, felt at times that he was being buried in boxes of lateral flow tests while hosting guests from around the globe.

However, these eccentric prophets had a message for our world. Let’s remind ourselves of the message from COP26 during this third week of Advent!

The third Sunday of Advent in 2021 is tomorrow, on Sunday, December 12th. There is so much comfort to be found in the practice of pausing to read, pray, and reflect over the course of the Advent season in which believers eagerly anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth.

During this time we join with all our Mildmay friends in remembering those who have suffered from and are still suffering from the effects of the coronavirus.

Sister Bernie and the Chaplaincy Team


Image credit: KaLisa Veer



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