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The Second Sunday in Lent: A Call to Transformation

Transfiguration of Jesus Christ 15th c. (Novgorod museum)

On the second Sunday of Lent, the gospel reading presents us with the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus (Matthew 17:1-9). This pivotal moment offers profound insights into faith, transformation, and the journey we undertake during this sacred season.

On a mountaintop, Jesus' appearance is transfigured, revealing his divine radiance to his disciples, Peter, James, and John. This experience serves as a powerful reminder of Jesus' dual nature – both human and divine. It also foreshadows the glory that awaits him after his resurrection.

For us, the Transfiguration story holds significant meaning:

  • A Glimpse of Glory: It offers a glimpse of the ultimate transformation promised to those who follow Christ. As we strive to live faithfully, we are reminded of the potential for spiritual growth and the hope of eternal life.

  • Renewed Commitment: Witnessing Jesus' transfiguration strengthens the disciples' faith and commitment to their calling. Similarly, for us, this season can be a time to renew our own commitments, rekindling our faith and purpose.

  • Facing Challenges: The journey of faith is rarely smooth. The mountaintop experience is followed by Jesus' descent and his eventual crucifixion. This reminds us that even amidst moments of spiritual clarity, challenges and suffering may arise.

As we reflect on the Transfiguration story this Sunday, consider these points:

  • Where do you see glimpses of God's glory in your own life?

  • What areas of your life require transformation?

  • How can you renew your commitment to faith and purpose during this Lenten season?

Remember, Lent is a time for personal growth and transformation. As we encounter challenges and moments of grace, may we find strength and hope in the promise of God's enduring presence.

The Mildmay Mission Hospital Chaplaincy is here to support you on your Lenten journey. 



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