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The Hospital With a Difference!

Front cover of booklet, circa 1939

This is a fundraising booklet for the new hospital extension, circa 1939, featuring a visit by Queen Mary. Towards the back of the pamphlet are some great adverts from local suppliers to Mildmay of all kinds of goods, from paint to laundry services, affirming the hospital's place within the local community.

This booklet was sent to us recently by someone who has a story about their aunt, who worked at Mildmay (see below slideshow).

"As a result of our recent telephone conversation I have pleasure in forwarding to you the enclosed booklet. This came into my possession on the passing of my aunt. She often spoke to me of the time that she worked at the Mildmay Hospital when she was a young woman, and the nuns that she worked with, who some I believe she kept in touch with over the years. Her name was, at that time, Jennie Mary Jones. She would have been in her early twenties and as was the custom in those days they left home to go into service, as it was called. She was from Wales. She was not a nurse, but I believe she worked in some domestic capacity. She ended up working as a housekeeper to the Revd Woodhams at the vicarage of St James the Less church in the area, where she remained for many years. This booklet has been in my possession for a number of years and it has been my intention to return it to the organisation from whence it came but never got around to it. I am happy to have at last made the effort and hope that it will bring pleasure to those who may view it in the future. Kind regards, GJ"

We are delighted to be able to add this rare booklet to our archive and to share it here in a digitised version for anyone interested in Mildmay's history.


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