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The blessing of our Chapel

As you may have read in a previous post, Mildmay’s chapel was out of action for some time as we had to remove the old fitted carpet and install a new COVID-safe flooring.

Now that the work is complete, we needed our sacred space to be blessed after being empty and unused for an extended period.

Today, The Right Rev. Bishop Nicholas Hudson, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Westminster, with pastoral responsibility for East London, came to Mildmay for a small, distanced, gelled and masked Blessing Service.

In addition to our Lead Chaplain, Sister Bernie, sadly only four other people could be part of the Service, and so Mildmay was represented by Geoff, our CEO, Teri, Registered & Compliance Manager, Hellen Wambui from the Nursing Team, And Alastair, our Estates and Facilities Manager.

Gone for now, are the days when we had 30-40 people in the chapel for special celebrations, but we are very pleased and very proud to reclaim our chapel space.

From left, Hellen, Sister Bernie, Teri, Bishop Nicholas and Alastair

Sister Bernie With Bishop Nicholas Hudson

Sister Bernie with Mildmay’s Visitor’s Book

The Bishop’s entry in our Visit’s Book

The Service (click the image to view)

Bishop Nicholas Hudson


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