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Some lovely feedback from a patient being discharged today

Updated: Feb 7

Patient feedback form

Today we are delighted to share some feedback from ‘C’, a COVID-19 patient – who is also homeless – and who has been at Mildmay since the end of March and is now well enough to be discharged.

Despite being stepped-down* to Mildmay, ‘C’s recovery has been protracted as a result of other health complications. However, ‘C’ has now fully recovered and is ready to take the next step in their journey, moving into temporary accommodation nearby.

As with all our patients being discharged, we asked ‘C’ to complete a questionnaire providing feedback on their experience of Mildmay – we continually monitor our services so we can find ways to improve our patient care and rehabilitation programmes. On the back of the form is a space to leave a comment, and this is what ‘C’ wrote:

‘C’s handwriting is quite hard to read, so here is a transcript:

“Hi there

I’d like to thank all of you for your kind support have given me.

Very special thanks to nursing staff also to Dr Chetty for his friendly support and solidarity. To Margaret, Helen and Patricia, Miss Sue (dietician), Zach (nurse), Ann (physiotherapy) – great job.

Special thanks to Dr Simon and Beverley.

In the name of my family and myself, we wish you all the best, and hope you keep on helping those in need.

God Bless


We wish ‘C’ well in the next chapter of their life.


*Step-down care is a composite term used primarily in the UK and other English-speaking countries for supportive and rehabilitative healthcare given to a patient who is transitioning out of intensive care recuperating from an illness or intervention, who is regaining autonomy.



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