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Paws for Applause: Nora The Therapy Dog Brightens Our Patients' Day

A white-haired dog with dark eyes and a black nose, wearing a purple bandana
Meet Nora, the therapy dog from TheraPaws

Nora, a delightful therapy dog from TheraPaws, along with her owner Tom, were very special visitors to Mildmay Hospital today.

They spent time in both a ward day room and a smaller area near Reception, offering companionship and a furry dose of joy. The visit proved a great success with both patients and staff and we look forward to many returns.

TheraPaws, a program run by Mayhew, a fantastic animal welfare charity, brings trained therapy dogs like Nora to hospitals, care homes, and other institutions. These certified canine companions play a vital role in Collaborative Animal-Assisted Therapy, a goal-oriented form of treatment that aims to improve physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

Some of ways therapy dogs can benefit patients:

  • Social Interaction and Companionship: Combating feelings of isolation through positive social interaction.

  • Emotional and Physical Well-being: Reducing stress levels and providing comfort, leading to an overall improvement in emotional and physical health.

  • Confidence Building: Boosting self-esteem, particularly in young patients.

  • Communication Enhancement: Facilitating communication between patients, volunteers, staff, and families.

Nora's visit was a reminder of the power of the human-animal bond. The smiles on our patients' faces spoke volumes about the positive impact these animals can bring.

We are incredibly grateful to Nora and Tom, TheraPaws and Mayhew for their dedication to improving lives, one wagging tail at a time!

Therapy dog visits like Nora's are just one way Mildmay Hospital strives to offer a holistic and compassionate care experience for our patients. However, these programmes rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers.

Here are a couple of ways you can help:

  • Donate: Your contribution, no matter the size can help us continue offering programmes that enhance patient well-being. Consider a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift.

  • Spread the Word: Share this post with your friends and family. Let them know about the positive impact Mildmay Hospital is making in the community.

Together, we can ensure that patients at Mildmay Hospital receive the care an


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