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Our Hospital Equipment Fund launches

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Today, we are launching a new fund to consolidate donations specifically for equipment for Mildmay Hospital.

Mildmay Mission Hospital’s Charity works to enhance the physical and therapeutic environment of our UK hospital for patients, staff and visitors.

We raise funds to purchase vital medical and therapeutic equipment. Through fundraising, the Charity funds projects which, each year, touch the lives of the hundreds of people cared for by our UK hospital.

Our NHS contracts only fund about 80% of our running costs, and so your donations help us to fund things that our NHS contracts do not; to purchase essential hospital equipment such as:

  1. state-of-the-art medical machines

  2. equipment to fulfil the basic needs of our patients and make them comfortable, such as new hospital beds and room facilities

  3. therapeutic and rehabilitation items such as physiotherapy equipment

  4. disposables like PPE

The Hospital Equipment Fund page lists the main items we need funding for right now, although there will always be many things that we need to maintain, update or replace, to keep the hospital running.


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