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Our chaplains return...

Revd Jide Macaulay outside Mildmay

As COVID restrictions ease somewhat, our Chaplains are returning to Mildmay to continue their essential work in person. The Revd. Jide Macaulay had this to say:

"I am very happy to be back at Mildmay UK. I joined the Chaplaincy team here in early 2019. I have seen the grace of God work in the lives of people.

This hospital’s HIV work was established in the 1980s during the global epidemic and it mostly cared for gay men then. In the same decade, the late Princess Diana visited and stood, sat, hugged people dying of AIDS. The hospital today care broadly for all people but its HIV mission is still strong.

It’s an honour for me to work here, and show compassion to folks who come through these doors for their care. Mildmay still responds to HIV care and thankfully, things are not as terrible as the 1980s, but a reminder that a mission of care and compassion is needed for all.

As a gay priest living with HIV, I believe God is calling me to reach out to others and offer sensitive and appropriate pastoral care knowing that God loves all people and stand with those who are unwell."

Revd. Jide Macaulay

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1 Comment

Aug 31, 2021

Just the nicest guy. He & Sister Bernie Divine are doing Gods wonderful work here at the Mildmay. ❤️

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