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Our Chairman’s Christmas Message

Updated: Jan 26

Harry meeting staff when he opened our new building

Transforming Communities and Healthcare Through Dedicated Service

Nestled in the heart of the community in Shoreditch in the East End of London, Mildmay Mission Hospital is a beacon of hope and healing, making an indelible mark on healthcare in the UK and overseas.

Since its reopening as an independent charitable hospital in 1985, Mildmay Mission Hospital has been a pivotal force in providing specialised medical care and rehabilitation services for individuals living with HIV. Our Impact Report echoes our team’s dedication, displaying a legacy of compassion and innovation that has touched countless lives.

Long before opening its first dedicated hospital building in 1892, Mildmay had been steadfast in its mission to deliver unwavering care. This commitment extends far beyond the hospital's walls. Since 1998, Mildmay has extended its reach globally to provide essential training and HIV services to those in dire need overseas. This work has been a cornerstone of Mildmay’s identity, exemplifying its commitment to extending and transforming care beyond borders.

However, Mildmay’s impact does not end with medical assistance. The hospital is a pioneer in raising awareness about HIV and AIDS, diligently working to dismantle stigma and champion prevention efforts. This has not gone unnoticed, earning recognition from many influential personalities, including Diana, Princess of Wales and her son, Harry, who opened our wonderful new specialist HIV hospital building in 2015. This support has bolstered Mildmay’s initiatives, particularly in Kenya and Uganda, underscoring the hospital's dedication to global health and social progress. The hospital has also been a significant contributor to the local economy, providing employment opportunities and supporting local businesses.

Mildmay is a testament to the profound impact of dedicated service on transforming lives and shaping a brighter, healthier world for all. As we look to the coming year, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving humanity with compassion and excellence.

The Very Reverend John S Richardson

Chairman of Mildmay


Christmas Appeal 2023 poster

Please support our Christmas Appeal

Every year, Mildmay has many patients who are unable to go home for Christmas. Will you help us to provide them with modest but meaningful gifts?



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