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New TVs for patient rooms

New smart TV for a patient room

Thanks to your support, we've been systematically installing some new smart TV sets in some of our patients' rooms, to replace some ageing old boxes.

Because, they are smart TV's, we have the potential to integrate our own digital services in future.

Televisions in hospitals offer a welcome distraction during a difficult time.

While at home, people watch TV an average of six hours a day. In a hospital, TV viewing increases to almost 11 hours each day. Clinical experts agree that a patient's hospital room plays a role in the healing process and overall satisfaction. All of our 26 patient rooms contain a television with access to Freeview.

Modern hospital indoor environments aim at fulfilling the psychological needs and preferences of the people who use them. Nowadays, physical and non-physical healing environments are perceived as potential contributors to recovery processes. Unlike curing, healing relates to aspects of health that are psychological and spiritual. To support this, our patients' rooms, while maintaining the highest of clinical standards, are also as comfortable as we can make them.

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