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New Hospital Appeal

In 1866 Mildmay reached out to people in greatest need.

Today Mildmay needs your help to complete our new hospital in Shoreditch.

The Facts

  1. We have already raised 90% of the costs towards building Mildmay’s new hospital.

  2. We still need to raise £590,000 to cover the final costs for refurbishment and completion.

  3. An estimated 100 thousand people are living with HIV in the UK, with around a quarter of people infected being unaware of their condition.

  4. Mildmay is Europe’s only centre dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with HAND – HIV Associated Neurocognitve Disorder. HAND can occur when HIV enters the brain.

  5. Through our specialist treatment and rehabilitation around 55% of Mildmay’s clients can return home to independence. The lives of many others are vastly improved.

  6. It is estimated that around 25% of people living with HIV will experience some form of cognitive impairment.

Give a gift today that will still be working tomorrow

  1. £10 Could provide an item of specialised cutlery to enable a patient to eat    independently.

  2. £20 Could provide a hand exercise wheel for patient rehabilitation.

  3. £50 Could provide musical instruments for music therapy session.

  4. £100 or over could provide vital equipment in a patients room.

Our Impact

Our new hospital will provide

Specialised HIV care, services and rehabilitation.

Increased education and training, building on our reputation as a centre of excellence.

Outreach work in the local community.

Increased Inpatient beds and greater space for our Day Care.

The ability to widen our role in the development of services including HIV testing and longer term continuing care.

Please Help Mildmay to build a brighter future for people living with HIV

 “I was always so strong and fit. HIV literally knocked me off my feet and robbed me of my mental capacity. Mildmay has been my bridge to self managing, a path to getting back into my own life. Mildmay helped me to stand up again- I can’t thank them enough.” Dennis

“ I was an Inpatient at Mildmay for five months after collapsing and being diagnosed HIV. The garden workshop at Mildmay has helped me to relearn lost skills. My confidence has grown and I love being active and It’s good to feel a sense of normality again” Carrie



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