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More donations from the wonderful Chinese Community in London

Updated: Feb 7

Pictured is our Chief Executive Geoff Coleman, looking delighted to receive another donation of PPE (masks and visors) from the F&F Charitable Association and Blazing Youth Community. This is the latest of several donations of equipment that we have received from this group.

The Chinese Community in London has been exceptionally generous in supporting us and other hospitals and care homes.

When people are clapping on Thursday night (and it’s apparently the last time this Thursday, keep in mind all those who have volunteered their time, money, materiel and energy in supporting the NHS and related organisations such as Mildmay.

Without their help, things would have been much, much more difficult. I’m sure Geoff won’t mind me telling you what he said to me earlier today:

I have to say that this is a part of my role that I like and amidst all of the … other challenging stuff, this is what makes it enjoyable and the patients are what makes it all worthwhile.
I got thanked by a mother of one of our patients today… she sought me out.
To be frank I was so shocked it was all I could do not to cry in front of her… and I am not the crying sort!”



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