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Mildmay Supports Malnutrition Awareness Week

November 7-11 2022 is the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) Malnutrition Awareness Week (MAW), dedicated to raising awareness about disease-related malnutrition.

The Summer of 2022 saw the launch in Vienna of a global declaration to promote nutritional care as a human right, connected to the undeniable rights to food, and physical and mental health (see and download the fact sheet below).

After recent difficult and challenging years and as we head into a hard winter, the right to adequate food and freedom from hunger and malnutrition is something we all support at Mildmay. We can see the difficulties our patients struggle with and what they may face on discharge.

Over the last year, Mildmay has been collaborating with King’s College London and London Metropolitan Universities to complete a range of public health projects targeted at food-based nutrition on discharge for patients on the Step-Down Homeless Medical Care Pathway to help with finding accessible food and support.

These are some of the outputs of that collaboration:


Espen fact Sheet on the 'Vienna Declaration'


Calendar of events



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