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Mildmay’s newly-laid COVID-safe Chapel floor is ready for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony

As you can see in the image on the right, Mildmay’s Chapel was, until this year, fully carpeted.

Unfortunately, although this made the Chapel a warm and cosy space, it was not COVID-safe, and so the Chapel has been out of use for quite a while.

This carpet has now been removed and the work to replace the flooring with a laminate that is COVID-Safe and will pass all future infection control inspections.

Tabernacle & altar

As with everything related to the Coronavirus pandemic, such as additional PPE supplies, this was an unforeseeable expense, but thanks to the support of our donors, we were able to find a little extra to carry out the work.We are always thankful to them all for helping to improve the services and facilities we can provide to our patients.

Work in progress

The new, COVID-safe Chapel floor

Work in progress



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