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Mildmay New Hospital Preview

Mildmay have now moved into our new hospital-we do have a reception coming up for past staff and any supporters who may have missed our previews on Saturday 18th October. Call 0207 613 6311 if you are interested in attending.

Preview event in June at Mildmay’s new London hospital:

New Hospital Reception Preview Event June 2014 Image thanks to Kois Miah/East End Life.

It was a real joy to be able to meet so many people at Mildmay’s brand new hospital preview event in June.

The invitations were sent out, plans were made and finally at 8am on a glorious June morning, Mildmay’s new hospital doors swung open for the first time. We had at first thought it may be difficult to show people around the new hospital before equipment and furniture filled the rooms, but this was far from the case. Display boards made a simple but informative back-drop to the work, whilst Kerry and Juley headed the tours. Our guests were escorted from room to room as they were taken on a journey across Mildmay’s rich history. This encompassed our early work in the slums of East London during the cholera outbreak that claimed so many lives in the 1800s. Our HIV work which began in 1988, providing at that time, end of life care for people dying of HIV/AIDS. We remembered the many visits that Princess Diana made, including the one where she held a patients hand, helping to break down some of the terrible stigma that surrounded the condition. We talked about the life transforming work that takes place today at our existing hospital, and as we walked the corridors of our fantastic new Mildmay hospital, we looked forward to moving in and being able to support even more people living with HIV.

New Mildmay Day Services Room Visitors at June Preview Image thanks to Kois Miah/East End Life.

The tour of the ground floor took in the Physiotherapy room and gym, OT assessment room, therapy rooms, kitchens, clients IT training room, dining room and beautiful new Day Services room. In the current hospital the Day Service room has to double up as a dining room. This will no longer be the case, as a new dining room will mean that activities will no longer have to be packed away just before meal times. The IT room- which is still short of some funding, will help to build vital steps towards empowering clients -increasing skills and confidence. If you can use a computer, a world of possibilities can open up. Not only can you do shopping on-line, increasing independence, but also have access to information, news and gain a valuable link with friends.

Mildmay New Hospital Preview The Kitchen Image thanks to Kois Miah/East End Life.

Visitors also saw our shiny new kitchen, where home cooked food will continue to be prepared and served at Mildmay. This tradition of providing delicious and nourishing meals is so important to supporting our clients on their road to recovery.

The new bright and welcoming Day Service room has doors that lead to our small garden. A dividing door will turn this one large room into two, meaning two different activities can take place at the same time. For example music therapy in one half and art therapy in the other.

The new chapel sits as ever at Mildmay’s heart, just off main reception, catering for people of all faiths or of no faith.

Flowers in the new Mildmay chapel Image thanks to Kois Miah/East End Life.

The ground floor also houses offices, and the all- important Fundraising department! Photographs from some of our recent fundraising activities showed how busy we’ve been, and included snaps from our charity reception at No 10 Downing Street, World AIDS Day, Pride and our annual celebrity Carol Service. We also shared many of the volunteering opportunities at Mildmay. Fundraising is a vital part of our work and we have to meet the year on year challenge of raising £800,000 per annum to enable our current work to continue. Also important is that via our events and activities we are able to promote not only our work, but also HIV awareness, helping to address lack of understanding and in turn break down stigma.

Williams Ward Mildmay New Hospital Preview event June 2014 Image thanks to Kois Miah/East End Life.

The two new wards are called Catherine Ward and William Ward, after our founders Catherine and William Pennefather. This meeting of  Mildmay’s past in our present can also be seen as you enter the building. The old Victorian clock that once graced our old Victorian hospital now sits in the front wall of the new. Its elegant face now looks out across a very different East London scene. Times change and its presence also symbolises the many changes Mildmay has faced and adapted to over the years.

Guests toured the wards, seeing the individual patient rooms, patient’s kitchen, ward day room and special bathing facilities to support patients with impairment. On William Ward, Mildmay now have two small flats especially created for patients who are close to going home, to help them gain confidence and skills to ensure they are ready to live independently.

It was really a privilege to be able to meet so many supporters, old friends and new. We hope they enjoyed their exclusive peek at our new building, as much as we enjoyed showing them around.

We are planning our next preview event on Tuesday 12th August. If you would like to come along please do call us on 0207 613 6311 so we know how many people to accommodate and plan accordingly. Previews will run between 12-3pm and 6 to 9pm.

Many patients arrive at Mildmay with very complex HIV related conditions including HIV associated brain impairment. They are often very unwell, unable to walk, speak, or eat. Mildmay’s intervention, treatment and care, rehabilitates back to health and independence around 80% of patients. Our new hospital is a remarkable achievement and means we will be able to support even more people living with HIV. We could not have built this new hospital without our fantastic supporters, volunteers and the Trusts that contribute to our work. Our heartfelt thanks go to each and every one.

We will keep you updated on our moving in date….we can’t wait to start working from our fantastic new premises and are thrilled to be able to take this next step on Mildmay’s  journey of care.

To keep updated on Mildmay news and events please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter.

Mildmay New Hospital



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