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Mildmay gets ready for Christmas

Written by Mildmay volunteer:Joanna Ly- December 2018

The spirit of Christmas is knocking on Mildmay’s door and the volunteers are behind it!

The sound of paper cutting, gift wrapping and the smell of spiced apple juice fills the air as volunteers join together to get Christmas ready for Mildmay’s patients and Day Therapy clients. A medley of Christmas decorations were created by the volunteers to hang around the wards and in reception to get everyone in the festive mood. I asked a few volunteers some questions during our ‘decoration day’. Here’s what they said…

“Why did you come today” ?

I wanted to meet everyone as you don’t always get the chance to spend much time with other volunteers. Participating in this event, making snowflakes was a nice way to do so!”

“What was your favourite thing about today”?

“I think being surrounded by friendly people whilst making paper chains and eating mince pies, I felt like a kid again, overall it was a really nice day.”

So from me and the rest of the volunteers we hope our decorations will bring a smile to patients, clients and staff. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mildmay’s Christmas Concert will be held on Tuesday 17th December – get your tickets here



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