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It's National HIV Testing Week

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Testing is free, quick and easy. Give HIV the finger and order your postal test kit here

  • HIV treatment is effective and easy to take.

  • Being on HIV treatment means you can expect to enjoy a long and healthy life.

  • Medical evidence has shown that people on effective HIV treatment can’t pass it on to others.

If you’ve tested yourself, a positive result needs to be confirmed with a follow-up blood test by a healthcare professional, who will be there to give you guidance on treatment and get you any support you need. Contact your local sexual health clinic, GP or call NHS 111.

HIV testing is easy, free and confidential

Find your nearest place to get tested at

Test myself

Test myself and read my results immediately.

  • Get your self-testing kit online, or in some high street pharmacies. Local authorities and community organisations may give away free kits.

  • Once you have your kit, it’s easy to test a drop of blood from your finger and read your results immediately.

  • This test detects HIV three months after exposure. If you think you’ve been at risk within that time then it’s better to visit your local clinic.

Post my self-sampling kit and get my results a week later.

  • Order a free self-sampling kit from It will come to the address you give in discreet packaging.

  • Instructions will guide you through collecting a sample of your blood, which you’ll post off to the lab.

  • You’ll get your results a week later (by phone, text, or email).

  • A self-sampling test detects four weeks after exposure.

Someone tests me

Test and get my results on the day.

  • A rapid test can be done at your local sexual health clinic, GP, and some local HIV organisations.

  • A health professional will test a drop of your blood. Sometimes this can be saliva.

  • You’ll be given your results immediately.

  • Detects four or six weeks after exposure.

Test and get my results on the day or up to a week later.

  • A lab test can be done in your local sexual health clinic or GP surgery.

  • A health professional will collect a small sample of blood from your arm and send to the lab.

  • Your results will be ready within a day, or up to a week later.

  • The lab test is highly accurate four weeks after exposure.



The material above is reproduced from materials provided by Terrence Higgins Trust for HIV PREVENTION ENGLAND


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