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Infection Prevention and Control Inspection

We are delighted to report that Mildmay passed it’s latest Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) inspection with flying colours.

The Care Quality Commission requires that Mildmay Hospital, like all healthcare settings, undergoes regular IPC inspections. These inspections help us maintain our ‘Outstanding‘ rating.

Well done to our Clinical Team, who are always outstanding.

The Lead IPC nurse was impressed with our practices. The hospital building is clean and well maintained from an infection control perspective and we are implementing procedures well, particularly in relation to Covid-19.

Some more notable points from the inspection:

  1. Our use of PPE is adequate

  2. The inspector was impressed with our procedures for checking and recording everyone’s temperatures in reception

  3. Our visitor’s form and procedure were described as excellent

  4. The Occupational Therapy assessment centre was excellent (“faultless”)

  5. The gym was also very clean. Green ‘I Am Clean’ stickers will be attached to all equipment on a daily basis

  6. The conference room currently being used for visitors was also excellent

  7. It is recommended that we utilise more posters, particularly in the Covid-area on the second floor

  8. Both wards were clean

  9. Cleaning schedules need to be visible and easily accessible

  10. All staff will be encouraged to get free Flu vaccinations and these should be available soon via Occupational Health

We will be reaudited in 4-6 weeks, as per standard procedure.

Photo by CDC



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