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Happy New Year

FIreworks at South Bank, London

Wishing our patients, clients, staff, volunteers, visitors and all our supporters a very happy and blessed New Year. We are hoping to invite one or two committed volunteers of any faith or persuasion who share our mission statement and vision to our chaplaincy team.

You will find the application form on our website.

Sister Bernie and the Chaplaincy Team

A New Year Prayer

We Pray...

For healing...prepare us for surprises.

For strength...prepare us for surprises.

For vision...prepare us for surprises.

For transformation...prepare us for surprises.

For messengers and messages...prepare us for surprises.

For community... prepare us for surprises.

For acceptance - of ourselves and others...prepare us for surprises.

For making room at our tables...prepare us for surprises.

For Truth-seeking...prepare us for surprises.

For support...prepare us for surprises.

For Common Ground...prepare us for surprises. Walk beside us, O Holy One,

as we question and welcome,

as we challenge and invite,

as we discover and understand,

as we see, touch, taste, smell, and listen for the Newness awaiting us in 2020.May we, your holy people, walk forward together side by side. Amen

( Written by Sister Mary Ann Barret, O.P.)


Image credit: Kevin Hackert



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